Technology Guidelines

Guidelines for Technology in Our Lab and Classroom

  • Respect your self by respecting others online! Ask yourself if the comment you are leaving online is something you would say to a person standing in front of you.

  • Protect others and yourself! Are you worried about something your read online about a peer or even someone you don't know. Tell someone in charge, a parent, teacher, or mentor.

  • Honesty and truth are the foundations of science. Just because something is easy to find and download online doesn't mean it is yours. Properly cite resources you use.

  • Safety is important! Information published online is often public and forever. Be very deliberate about what you share online. Consider if something you plan to post online is something your grandma would want to see or something your grandchild would want to see 20 years from now. Never share your private information online with people you don't know.

  • Care for the resources in our classroom. Technology is expensive and hard to replace. Show you care by utilizing the resources available to you respectfully and with care. Did you break it? Let someone know. Accidents happen and things can be fixed!

    1. Please no food or drink in our lab/classroom. This is standard laboratory practices. Toxic chemicals are often used in research labs and scientific equipment is expensive. Eating and Drinking in a lab is a risk to your life!

Understanding Copyright; Do I really need to cite that?

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