Japan Club

The Madras High School Japan club has a twofold purpose: to promote Japanese culture and language education among its members and to foster a relationship with Madras's sister city high school in Tomi, Japan. Through various activities, such as learning the Japanese language, learning about Japanese culture and experiencing traditional Japanese festivals, members of the club gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japan's rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the club organizes events and exchanges with the Tomi high school to build bridges between the two communities and promote cross-cultural understanding. By participating in the Japan club, Madras High School students have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and connect with people from different backgrounds.

2023-2024 Club Leadership:

Google Classroom Link: 4do64hy

Advisor: Mr. Garrett, igarrett@509j.net 

Meeting Time/Place: Room 38, Tuesday, During Lunch

How to Become a Member

Japan Club meets every Tuesday at lunch in Room 38.  Interested in membership?  Come hang out with us!

Current Projects